Cut Once Productions is your end-to-end provider for high-definition video services. Whether you are looking to enhance your online presence, capture an important event, or find an editor for your latest film, Cut Once is here to serve you.

• Writing: If you’re still searching for the words, we can help you find them. Whether you need an overall concept for your campaign, a script for a specific ad spot, or simple tightening-up of your dialogue, we have scriptwriters and published authors on-hand to help.

• Casting: In search of screen actors or voiceover talent? We’re happy to handle the casting for you, bringing in the talent you need to get the look you want.

• Planning: Logistics and planning are part of any video shoot; we’ll work out the complex details, bringing in the right crew and equipment, working around your event schedule or production timeline.

• Production: With full 1080p HD video, pro sound, lighting, and a variety of other equipment available, we’re ready for whatever your shoot requires.

• Specialty: Do you need specialty services like fight choreography or visual effects? Just ask.

• Editing: We offer full editing services, including sound cleanup, Foley, titles, and effects.

• Control: You don’t have to be isolated from the editing process; we’ll deliver rough cuts, listen carefully to your feedback, and adjust to your needs.

• Footage: If raw footage is all you’re after, we can often deliver it next-day (or, for certain productions, simply hand you a disk at the end of the shoot).

• Delivery: We can provide DVDs, online delivery, web hosting for your videos … we even build entire custom websites, complete with Facebook integration, payment services, and more!